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"After Wallenda, Can Brilliant TV Success, Become Economic Boon for Niagara Falls?"
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Now that it's over, do you think the Wallenda Walk will have some long term benefits for Niagara Falls?
Yes. The nation and world were watching. That's a good thing.
( 30% )
I'm not sure, but it couldn't have hurt!
( 70% )
06/18/2012 6:54AM
After Wallenda, Can Brilliant TV Success, Become Economic Boon for Niagara Falls?
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06/18/2012 7:41AM
I really don't think so..
While the Wallenda walk was a great one night stand for the city, once the equipment and TV crews leave, it will look like the same old place it has been for years. I'm not picking on one of the natural wonders of the world, I just think the city that is wrapped around it needs a MAJOR overhaul. Maybe "Extreme Makeover: The entire city edition" is the next national TV exposure Niagara Falls USA really needs?
06/18/2012 11:49AM
Probably not,,,
...but I was thinking they could leave the wire up for the season, as a sort of tourist attraction. I'd like to see it!
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