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"Texas Father Who Beat Rapist to Death Won't Be Charged"
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06/19/2012 5:32PM
Texas Father Who Beat Rapist to Death Won't Be Charged
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06/19/2012 5:54PM
Dawn Laughlin
Good! He shouldn't be charged. He should get a public service award since he has probably saved lots of other children from being molested by that pig.
06/19/2012 5:56PM
Texas law vs NYS
A NYS Grand Jury would force a trial and waste tax money to try a "No Brainer". Good for the "red" state of Texas to not follow the NYS idea of spend money and waste time on what is obvious and line the pockets of lawyers. Hey New Yorkers, get out there and vote for your savior, the one and only human who thinks that he can "walk on water", win a golf tournament with enough taxpayer green fees paid for and send his wife and girls on vacations that most of us can only dream of!!!
06/19/2012 7:57PM
They actually got it right!
Dang straight he shouldn't be charged. This is what should happen to all rapists and child molesters. Why spend money on a trial and then imprisonment and health care on a scumbag like this? Who knows how many times this garbage has done this. But we all know he won't ever do it again. That's one less piece of trash we have to watch out for. I hope the father can get his little girl the help she needs to help her live a happy normal life.
06/19/2012 8:04PM
Mrs Margaret Middleton Pannella
I think the judge was right not to prosicute the father, anyone with half a brain would do the same thing to protect thier child or grandchild, can you imagin what type of people are being let into this country,as long as they don,t come in legaly they cannot be screened and find out what kind of citizens they will make. They have no legal right to be here.
06/20/2012 9:47AM
Finally, folks got it right!!!! There is hope after all. Justice has been done. If we cannot and do not protect the most innocent among us, we are truly a sad society.
06/20/2012 10:03AM
justice served!
Scumbag got what he deserved...I probably would've even done more morbid stuff to the son of a Bitches, as I'm the father of two daughters myself. God bless Texas, they definitely got this one right!
06/21/2012 12:20PM
Athens, PA
See - this is they type of $#@! that the "executive priviledge" should be used for. To eliminate the "no brainer" high profile cases like this. Glad there will be NO TRIAL!!!
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