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"Mario Williams $2M Home; Across from Jim Kelly's Place"
Is Not Available At This Time.
06/20/2012 11:11AM
Mario Williams $2M Home; Across from Jim Kelly's Place
Not bad, eh? Wonder if his $2m could get anything near this in Houston?
06/20/2012 4:16PM
eagle on a diet
Can I live in the garage
06/20/2012 6:09PM
Really, REALLY!!?
I work, he plays..... I struggle to make the mortgage on a two bedroom house. He gets a $2,000,000 house? I completely understand the need for their future and their "possible future health issues" But, %$#@ Really, REALLY!!?
06/20/2012 8:13PM
If one thinks that sports has skewed compensation for what they do, you can always protest by not paying those outrageous fees for tickets, food, parking, etc. Don't go see the Bills.
06/20/2012 10:58PM
I love it !!
I own a landscaping business that maintains a few of the houses on this street. i love when they pull out the wallet!! it's the trickle down effect and i love getting wet !!
06/21/2012 11:35PM
I'd like a job on The Mario Foundation Graphic Design Team
I've got experience and talent and more. I'll work on the graphics and do some chores; i'll take orders and treat you with respect; i'll work real hard and not neglect. I'll keep up with details; and you can trust me. I have credible references, YOU know them well. Some day soon, a chance will tell. Please contact me .. agtg98@verizon.net
01/10/2013 6:07AM
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06/20/2014 3:08AM
Hay ere
06/20/2014 3:09AM
02/11/2016 4:32PM
typical $&* !# $@@#?
that's a crow for ya, living beyond his means, I'll laugh when thus s.o.b.is broke panhandling for quarters. nfl is a racist league, if they can complain about rooney rule than caucasian should be able to use that same card for players 89 percent of league is colored, it's time for a change, let us have a f$ck#n dream for once, for f#cks sake. sincerely, White Players
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