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"Police: Teens in Bullying Video Take Responsibility"
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06/21/2012 2:45PM
Police: Teens in Bullying Video Take Responsibility
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06/22/2012 8:50AM
No apology??
Where is the public apology (or private for that matter) from these boys and their parents to Karen Klein?
06/22/2012 8:52AM
Bus Aide, Karen Klein
What was the bus driver doing? Why didn't he/she pull over and stop and call the bus garage. The parent's should have been called and made to come and pick up their abusive children.
06/22/2012 8:58AM
when I went to middle school
I went to middle school in the 70's - the very first day of school on the bus the lady bus driver let me know I was a fatty and had to push right in -- also one teacher I had made myself and 3 other fatty's sit at the same table and of coursethe whole class noticed all the fat kids sat at the same table -- nowadays if kids act like kids the whole country is passing the hat -- can I get a piece of the money collected
06/22/2012 9:36AM
They needed the bus driver I had almost 50 years ago.
The guy that drove the bus I rode on in school didn't put up with any nonsense from anyone. If you acted up on the bus he would pull over and light up a cigar until there was total quiet on the bus. Didn't take too many sessions of him doing that to get perfect behavior from us. I am sure today he would be brought up on charges for endangering the welfare of a minor. All 4 of those kids need a good swift kick on a regular basis to relocate their brains from their pants to under their hats.
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