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"Supreme Court upholds Mandate"
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06/28/2012 10:46AM
Supreme Court upholds Mandate
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06/28/2012 12:28PM
Obama needs to go!!!
This is just ridiculous! I could throw up! Obama is an embarrassment to the country! I cannot believe anything he does is fine. This is because everyone is afraid to do anything because then the race card is raised!! That is bull, enough of racism! He is taking this country right down the tubes and no one does anything! They are all aftraid of him! Why don't the politicians and Supreme court listen to us, the people that have to suffer!!! He has something on all these people that they just keep letting him get away with things! He needs to go back to Africa where he was born!! He does not belong in this country!!!!
06/28/2012 12:43PM
A great day for ordinary American's and Democracy. Healthcare for all American's and it's long overdue.
06/28/2012 1:09PM
Is there any good or service that congress can't make us buy..if they call it a tax?
Let's go back a few years ago when the government was putting all that money into the "new GM". Under today's decision congress could have ordered that all persons purchase 100 shares of the "new" GM corporation by decreeing that "what's good for GM is good for America" and labeling the mandated personal expenditure a "tax"! Be careful of what you wish for as you just might get it!
06/28/2012 1:13PM
Right decision
Just because you don't like President Obama and disagree with the Supreme Court does not mean the Health care reform law was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court follows the constitution.
06/28/2012 3:37PM
So, what exactly will happen in 2014?
I heard that medicare advantage will no longer be available in 2014. Is this true.
06/28/2012 3:54PM
Cograts to the President!
Congrats to President Obama on doing something for the benefit of the American people, rather than aiding and abetting the continued pillaging and gouging of the middle class to support those who can already comfortably support themselves. I for one willwelcome the fact that I can have access to health insurance when Romney gives a tax break to my company to lay me off and send my job to China.
06/28/2012 3:57PM
@Obama needs to go!!!
I like how you complain that the racism is the reason for the health care law just before saying that Obama needs to go back to Africa. That and your godawful 3rd-grade level sentence structure really paint a excellent picture of what a low-brow tool youare. Just do me a favor, if you are gonna puke, make sure you are lying on your back so you choke on it and remove yourself from the gene pool.
06/28/2012 4:10PM
Health Care
Are you kidding? There is so much in the bill that hasn't been discussed. Many things that will affect us don't take affect until 2014. This bill will not improve health care or make it more affordable. It is going to end up costing us more and more people will be uninsured than there is now. Many people not insured is due to their personal choice. We have something called Medicaid. This covers all the poor. This is a disaster for our country. If medical insurance is so important and people are supposedly dying because they don't have insurance, then why does most of the meat of this bill take affect until 2014?? Isn't that interesting that this happens after the presidential election?? Mitt Romney's comments after the decision echoed my sentiments exactly! Obama must go!
06/29/2012 7:46AM
A win-win
The ruling will save the lives of millions of Americans; and watching the right wing throw its little-foot-stamping petulant frenzy is funny to watch.
06/29/2012 8:04AM
Conservatives are angry. ANGRY
The less-informed among us haven't been this whiny and pouty towards the Court since Brown vs. Board of Education!
06/29/2012 5:06PM
health care
ms. win- winI will have the last laugh when the obama people start to tell you ,that you are too fat, and you have to pay more, or tell you we will not pay for your child to have that treatment, because it cost too much moneythen we will see who has thefrezy fit
06/29/2012 5:10PM
I will have the last laugh
Ms. Win-winI will have the last laugh, when obama care tells your your insurance will cost more because you are too FATOr when they tell you, your childs treatment cost too much money, so we will not okay her treatmentThen we will see who has the frenzy fit!
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