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"How Will Supreme Court Rule on Health Care Reform?"
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06/26/2012 11:19PM
How Will Supreme Court Rule on Health Care Reform?
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06/27/2012 8:35AM
They'll rule against the people and for the money.
The Roberts Court has already shown itself to be the most corrupt since the days of Roger B. Taney. Of course, most of the listeners of this radio station have been trained and conditioned to oppose their own interests, so when the Court rules against them, they will cheer them on. There's a word for that.
06/27/2012 12:50PM
Still there
"Theyll rule" above obviously listens to the station a lot, even though it isn't apparently in his/her interest. He apparently still reads the website, but criticizes it. And yet.. has the gall to lecture about those who "oppose their own interests" ? Holy hypocrite batman!
06/27/2012 3:32PM
RE Still there
There's a difference between exposing yourself to right-wing propaganda and actually BELIEVING it.
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