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What do you think the Supreme Court decision on health care is more about?
Health Care
( 19% )
( 81% )
"Has Health Care Debate Been More About Politics or Health Care?"
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06/27/2012 5:52PM
Has Health Care Debate Been More About Politics or Health Care?
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06/28/2012 8:12AM
Politics of course
If you read Scalia's dissent on the Court's immigration decision earlier this week, you know how far the standards have fallen. His statement read like it came from one of your hysterical dittohead hosts / callers rather than a beacon of jurisprudence. And why did Clarence Thomas not recuse himself from this decision, given the outrageous conflict of interest that his teaparty corporatist activist wife presents? Those two should resign or be impeached.
06/28/2012 8:44AM
Crooked Court
If Bush v. Gore didn't prove it beyond any doubt, Citizens United put the nail in our nation's coffin. The Court is 5-4 dishonorable.
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