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"Bus Bullies Suspended for One Year"
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06/29/2012 4:46PM
Bus Bullies Suspended for One Year
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06/29/2012 5:12PM
Too Harsh
It will only give the more time to get into trouble by not going to school for 1 year.
06/29/2012 5:14PM
I am glad to see that the families and students have stepped up and assumed responsibility for these actions. I love love that they have to volunteer with seniors this is something I think all youth should do anyway. Good job Grease School district andall involved.
06/29/2012 6:16PM
Hard way to learn some manners
Maybe they'll learn to respect their elders and get some manners.
06/29/2012 7:54PM
Finally, parents accept punishment for their kids
It's refresing to me to read these parents are owning the horrific behavior of their kids.
06/29/2012 8:46PM
community service
Wow, I had no idea the schools would come down like that, but I'm glad they did. However, I wish they were just out of school for the year and not just transferred to an alternate program. But, 50 hours of community service with senior citizens- I like that!
06/29/2012 9:04PM
I think this is very appropriate considering the extent to which they carried out the bullying in particular with an older adult. I hope this process will help the students to mature into responsible, caring young adults. I would like to see follow up information in the future and how the students are progressing. This situation should serve to set an example to others that this kind of conduct is unacceptable by any standards. I kindly wish these students well and hope for the best for them, as I'm sure Karen Kline does. Having had experience working with middle school students, as well as high school students,I fully understand the need to discipline. I am glad that the punishment fit the crime in this case. Filing charges and having the students arrested would not have served them at all and very possibly may have increased the likelihood of future trouble with the law. I would like to send my regards to their parents. I know this has been a very trying time for them as well.
06/29/2012 11:11PM
Bus Bullies Suspended for One Year
too bad the Williamsville District doesn't enforce a Code of Conduct
06/29/2012 11:36PM
bus bullies
good they deserve it.....
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