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"Roberts Switched Views to Uphold Health Care Law"
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07/02/2012 5:36AM
Roberts Switched Viiews to Uphold Health Care Law
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07/02/2012 7:32AM
He saved America.
Imagine if he had once again sided with the wingnuts. They've done all they can do to destroy our country, for instance Bush v. Gore, Citizens United. The status quo (as in RIP OFF) health care "system" was unsustainable. Look for theSupreme Court approval ratings to go up.
07/02/2012 12:02PM
I think the word "traitor" is a small word to define Roberts..Would I love to smack that smirk off his face! This back-stabber has his day!
07/02/2012 4:17PM
He killed America
He Saved America, did you catch the part in the article that basically says he knows it is wrong but politics got in the way?? He ruled they way he did because (left) wingnuts rule the news media.
07/02/2012 5:03PM
RE He killed America
Corporations are people, my friend! One happy (but insignificant) side effect of the SCOTUS ruling is watching (wingnut) wingnuts pout, whine, throw tantrums, and then start all over again. As the great Nelson Muntz once said, ha ha.
07/02/2012 5:37PM
How a man of his intellect can (in one singular case) be such a magnanimous hypocrite is absolutely astonishing. He votes against the Medicaid mandate by saying that such a move is far beyond the powers Congress has under the Commerce Clause. And puts the "icing" on that by saying-That is not the country the framers of our Constitution envisioned. And then proceeds to vote in favor of the law compelling citizens to buy healthcare or face a fine, and hides behind that vote by saying that constitutionally Congress has the authority to "tax" people. Are you F_____g kidding me?!? I could get my eighth grader to see the obvious hypocrisy and selective reasoning behind that (now obviously) activist judge (or perhaps stupid judge) vote. He will never live it down. And has assured himself 1st place in the annals of idiot, hypocrite, media-influenced, stoneless judges EVER in U.S. history. The man is an imbecile.
07/03/2012 7:58AM
Preserving a legacy.
Thank you Justice Roberts. History will look kindly upon you for this decision, though your legacy may sadly have been defined by the execrable Citizens United fiasco which ruined democracy.
07/03/2012 8:12AM
No big deal
Long as you have the two parties of misfits (dumbo's/Repukes)runing the country it will continue to go down the tubes. both parties have not served the people in years. The only difference today between them is who they give the american tax payer dollars away to.
07/03/2012 9:44AM
He was just doing his duty
Serving the corporations.
07/03/2012 10:06AM
Parallel to Jonathan Krohn?
Krohn was the 13 year old wunderkind who spoke (that is, recycled a bunch of facile Limbaughisms) at CPAC a few years back. He has grown a bit, is now 17 and has taken on a more mature, moderate worldview, outgrowing his childhood wingnuttery. Perhaps Roberts has grown up a bit as well.
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