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"Erie County Parks Now Smoke-Free"
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07/02/2012 2:25PM
Erie County Parks Now Smoke-Free
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07/02/2012 2:48PM
Look for the right wing to whine and pout.
Ya know, cigarette addiction is just like voting Republican: it's counter-productive and will kill you, you're paying a lot of money to an industry which ruins lives and has no problem lying and lying and lying with compunction, and you're acting directly against your own interests. Look for the right wing to whine and pout.
07/02/2012 8:19PM
more government control
This is just another example of the government running our lives. I don't need them to tell me what to do, when to do it and how high to jump. I grew up with a father who smoked, and guess what??!! My brother and I are still alive and don't have lung problems. I have been a smoker for 30 years and my kids are alive and have NO health problems. The government needs to quit telling lies and stay out of our lives. So much for being the land of the free. We aren't free to do anything.
07/03/2012 6:47AM
No cars
I Thinks these morons should walk and leave there cars at home due to the fact I have to be exposed to second hand auto smoke.
07/03/2012 9:38AM
Leave it to a half-wit to compare smoking to voting.
There is always going to be someone who makes the most ridiculous comment, see "Look for the right wing to whine and pout.". Here it is, smoking banned from parks in Erie County, and some half-wit starts whining about voters voting republican. You see, half-wit no longer has to put up with second hand smoke in the parks but that isn't good enough, half-wit wants the right to vote taken from us as well(unless you vote the same way half-wit votes). I'm not sorry for my comment either, I am so sick of stupid people giving my rights and freedom up. Half-wit, you are more like a no-wit and you are the reason why this country is falling apart and soon to be broken beyond repair. You actually still believe there is a party system in the USA. If I ever see you in public, I shall blow smoke in your face, which will hopefull give you cancer, because you are the cancer which is killing the USA.
07/03/2012 9:39AM
They aren't going to publish my comment.
They aren't going to publish my comment...
07/03/2012 10:17AM
Just a thought
Even if there was a law, how could it possibly be enforced? What a waste of time.
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