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"Higgins Hopeful Bills Take Advantage of NFL Blackout Changes"
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07/02/2012 5:09PM
Higgins Hopeful Bills Take Advantage of NFL Blackout Changes
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07/03/2012 7:47AM
Don't understand "Fans"
"..fans who can't or won't buy a ticket..." I've never understood this. If you want to see the game, or "support the team", why aren't you willing to buy a ticket? Why aren't you at the game? Oh, wait-- I get it -- you want the team, you want to see the game, but you're not willing to PAY for it. For some reason, your entertainment, unlike everybody else's is supposed to be FREE. (Or paid for by disinterested taxpayers.)
07/03/2012 10:57AM
a fan is a fan
there are many reasons why people can't buy tickets or go to the games.age,disabled,financial.we still buy jerseys,decals,bumper stickers,flags,etc. when i step out the door,wearing a cap or sweatshirt and driving down the road displaying window decals. they get free advertising.
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