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"Paladino Sues School Board Over New Superintendent"
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07/05/2012 1:57PM
Paladino Sues School Board Over New Superintendent
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07/05/2012 2:55PM
Go away Carl.
No matter what the issue, if you oppose his position you'll probably take the correct one. Remember his gubernatorial campaign?
07/05/2012 4:38PM
Politisc as usual
I believe MRS Dixson should haave gotten the job. she is local knowledgeaqble and hard working.
07/06/2012 12:53PM
keep'em in check Carl
by the way, I see spelling was not your strong point Mr. or Mrs. Politisc? as ussual- must have gone to a buffalo public school
07/07/2012 7:52AM
Thank You Mr. Paladino!
Buffalo N.Y. is one of the most beautiful cities in the east and thank you Carl for having faith in it. The Buffalo School Board should listen and do the right thing. Recruiting ONLY a black Superintendent is a huge mistake, that is like a horse with blinders on it, and can only see one-way. There is nothing wrong with a black super, but OMG, I'm sure there are really good, qualified people out there that could do a fine job too. [Especially for a fat paycheck like the ones issued.] Why only a black? I wish Buffalo only the best!
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