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"Buffalo School Board Responds to Paladino Suit"
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07/06/2012 1:33PM
Buffalo School Board Responds to Paladino Suit
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07/06/2012 4:35PM
Go Paladino
As a reporter who's seen the abuse of closed/executive session and the incompetence of some boards, and the "fear" that they better make decisions behind closed door 'cause they're not really sure what the heck they'redoing even though boards are there to represent the people, I am with Paladino one-hundred percent!
07/09/2012 12:42PM
Joe Coppola, citizen
The Buffalo school board is only concern is to keep the cushy, high salary jobs they currenty hold. Dr Brown was brought here & she is now beholding to the board. They will pull the strings & she will dance to their tune. Of course there is a racal motive here too. The city and the children are the loosers. They have no honor. They have no shame.
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