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"Cyberbulling Law Signed by Cuomo"
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07/09/2012 1:27PM
Cyberbulling Law Signed by Cuomo
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07/09/2012 3:49PM
Cuomo duplicates existing laws again-measure costs money
Well, nice going Cuomo, and Silvers--two of the biggest proponents of putting out new legislation with no positive effect. They do stay in the spotlight, though. This law duplicates anti-harrassment, anti-abuse laws in this state. Take a close look at the wording. It's all about "trying" to get these things done while "educating" everyone about what cyber-bullying is, and giving a method to pass the word along to various levels (aka a good grape vine or phone tree used for gossip). That's all it does. The good school district employees try to do something, both in and out of school. The costs will come from the "educating" school district employees, and from the resulting lawsuits now that the districts are the 'deep pockets' a cyberbullied individual might be looking for. Eduate the employees about what the law is and how it is to be implemented, and rewriting the manuals, and passing it before Boards of Education, and notifying everyone, etc. Then, when it fails to prevent cyberbullying, as failure is inevitible, then the cyberbullied get to try suing for large punitive judgements. Thank you legislators Cuomo and Silver!
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