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"Back To School Sales Out Now; Retailers Worry About Weak Year"
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07/10/2012 6:16AM
Back To School Sales Out Now; Retailers Worry About Weak Year
Is this crazy? Or are you someone who has taken good advantage of the early sales
07/10/2012 11:00AM
Yes it is early because...
Yes the back to school sales are early, but the reason is three fold - 1. Back to School is the second largest shopping season of the year second only to Christmas so retailers like to get a jump on their competition, 2. Because it is a large expense for families, school s send out the supply list with the last report card to spread the shopping and expenses throughout the summer, and 3. Because New York state ends their school year later than most states, while our students have been out only a couple of weeks, many states have been out since the beginning of June and go back in early to mid-August, so they are getting ready to go back, and since the ads are mostly from national chains their ads represent this fact.
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