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"Bills Opt Out of New Rule; TV Blackouts Stand"
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What do you think about the Bills decision to let TV blackouts stand when the Ralph isn't sold out?
Terrible Idea- I'm never buying another ticket
( 42% )
Don't like it, but understand it's a business decision
( 41% )
Comfortable with it
( 17% )
07/13/2012 6:45AM
Report: Bills Opt Out of New Rule; TV Blackouts Stand
Can't the team afford to let some games be on TV? or is the the right choice, even if it upsets fans?
07/13/2012 8:17AM
They really don't care about the FANS, at least not the ones who can't afford a ticket or don't have the means to get to the game for what ever reason (disable, elderly, etc). If it was not for the FANS, the Buffalo Bills and the NFL would not be where it is today. It's not about the Game of FOOTBALL anymore, it about how the BUSINESS of the Buffalo Bills and the NFL can put more money into their pockets.
07/13/2012 11:03AM
what's the big deal? do the math, it evens out
The Bills organization will veto this plan because they don't want to share 50% of ticket sales revenue over the 85% blackout limit with a visiting team. So, under such a plan, when the Bills would be a visiting team, would they then refuse to accept their share of the home team's receipts over the 85% limit? 1/2 the time they share, 1/2 the time they pocket extra revenue as the visiting team. Do they expect all the teams they play to sell less than 85% of their tickets and the Bills will always be over 85%? Where are they losing money???
07/13/2012 11:15AM
No Difference
The lifting blackout will not change the amount of fans that go to the game. Those that want to go, will go, regardless if the blackout was lifted or not. Lifting the blackout may help generate interest in the Bills for those individuals who would never go to a game but are able to watch. Bottom Line.... The ownership won't see any dollar difference by lifting or keeping the ban.
07/13/2012 11:53AM
Bills Blackout
Just put out a competetive team and the people will come. The Bills management should have agreed to the plan as a sign of confidence in their product and their fans. Russ Brandon should reconsider his decision.
07/13/2012 1:02PM
It's okay.
We're a small market team with some of the lowest ticket prices in the league. The Bills need revenue. It's interesting that the WBEN audience would kvetch about this issue while rooting on GOP policies which only benefit the very wealthy and erode the middle class.
07/13/2012 1:44PM
Good Decision
There are plenty of people in Buffalo who can afford a ticket!! Most games will be sold out 100% this year!! People need to understand that this is a business.......and decisions are made based on just that! If you have the means, then get out and enjoy a game!!
07/13/2012 3:30PM
blame the nfl, not the bills.
smallmarket teams get penalized for opting in on the new blackout policy. they will lose too much money. i think the nfl just put out the new no blackout rule to make themselves look fan friendly
07/13/2012 5:59PM
It Is What It Is
Of course we the fans are not happy but in the end its a business. How many of us r going to get tickets in Jan if the games going to b on TV?!?!? Had they gone along with this it would of been the next step in the Bill leaving town due to poor revenue
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