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"Obama, Romney Trade Charges on Trustworthiness"
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07/16/2012 7:00AM
Obama, Romney Trade Charges on Trustworthiness
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07/16/2012 7:16AM
When has Romney ever once told the truth?
Good luck WBEN trying to prop this hapless empty-suit conviction-free corporate hack as some kind of "man of the people". This is the result of a political party that has gone around-the-bend insane: cutting taxes to billionaires creates jobs and helps the budget, "clean coal", Sarah Palin and George W Bush are presidential material, climate change is a hoax, Tea Party candidates are respectable, etc. etc. etc. Have a good day.
07/16/2012 7:17AM
Shorter Ed Gillespie
"What. You've never heard of a time machine?"
07/16/2012 7:42AM
Release the long-form Worth Certificate!
What is Romney hiding? Where are Orly Taitz and Donald Trump when they could actually be useful?
07/16/2012 8:24AM
such vitriol
When was the last time the AP was seen as a conservative shill? Such a hater, to assume that every story has an agenda...
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