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"Poll Says New Yorkers Support Health Care Reform, But Dont Think It Will Cut Costs"
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07/18/2012 6:22AM
Poll Says New Yorkers Support Health Care Reform, But Dont Think It Will Cut Costs
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07/18/2012 7:00AM
Now that's our WBEN!
Your lede is a classic textbook example of passive-aggressive pouting, but not quite in the class of Limbaugh's whining that the President "hates America". That got some national attention but maybe not the kind of attention you'd prefer! And your radio station keeps on fouling our airwaves with his hate. You right wingers are funny when you're miserable. Please keep being funny.
07/18/2012 8:28AM
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,
Is not the essence of any news story conflict? Would it have been better to ignore the dichotomy? You are entitled to your opinion, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Please stop trying to read motive into every single story, regardless of whether it appears on a station or website that also carries opinions you disagree with. The wall between the two is intact, whether you want to see it or not. - The mgt.
07/18/2012 9:41AM
Sometimes an agenda is just an agenda
To be fair, you do have Steve Cichon on board and he's a professional in every way, love his staff announcers website. But come on. When you subject us to dreck like never-stops-lying Limbaugh (btw Bane made his Batman debut in 1993) and never-stops-whining Hannity, you've established your brand and therefore have to deal with reality's backlash. And please DO keep being funny. (PS I'm with the majority in the Siena poll but in the deep minority in the WBEN ditto head poll. For what it's worth)
07/18/2012 10:16AM
but news is not opinion;..
And the WBEN NEWS story on Bain/Bane both online and on-air made mention of the Bane debut in 1993. Ditto Bauerle. And in the liveline interview... Limbaugh was criticized. My point is news is different from talk, and some comments here see an agenda when there really isn't one on the news side. (As for the talk side, it's kind of their job to have an agenda...)
07/19/2012 2:12PM
No savings! No good!
Discussion w/ a Canadian customer of mine revealed not only a 16 month wait to see his doctor for a serious spinal condition, but that when he researched the cost for the procedure both here in the US and in Canada, it cost $25,000 LESS in the US. I also have a relative, a physician/researcher who has testified before Congress on healthcare issues in regards to nationalized plans and managed care. He has not had anything good to say about this new law or the methods they plan to use to implement for establishing treatments which take control of the best methods for treatment away from the doctor/patient and hand them over to a government established program based on statistics and costs. His experience with this method of treatment has led to inexcusable deaths. We can do much better at providing insurance than this, and do so cheaper than employing more administrators of government red tape.
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