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"Limbaugh On \"Dark Knight\" Sees Obama- Romney Bashing"
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07/19/2012 6:44AM
Tempest in an itty-bitty, teensie weensie teapot
I was disappointed and a bit surprised at WBEN's uncharacteristically misleading representation of this story on Wednesday morning 7/18. The clip of Limbaugh's "explanation" of his "theory" was short, taken somewhat out of context, and padded with reporter commentary that would lead a listener to believe Limbaugh was postulating a theory that he actually wasn't. If anyone listened to Tuesday's and Wednesday's Limbaugh shows in their entirety, one would have heard what Limbaugh REALLY said and the analysis of the resulting uproar. Evidently WBEN wasn't the only one who came to the conclusion that they did; according to Limbaugh, most media sources arrived at the same conclusion. I'm beginning to feel "played"...I'm wondering if Limbaugh himself (or his staff at any rate) doesn't send around to their affiliates little notes of instigation after one of his tirades, causing people to ask, "What did he REALLY mean by that?" Over-all, a non-story that only fans the flames of suspicion and accusation between the parties. By the way, for all of the listeners obsessed with rich villians and class warfare, please remember that action hero Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne is, >gasp!< a MILLIONAIRE, one of the 1%!
07/19/2012 8:08AM
RE Tempest
You're only NOW beginning to feel "played"? How long have you been a Limbaugh acolyte anyway?
07/19/2012 10:14AM
We're laughing at you Limbaugh.
His efforts to walk back his ridiculous premise was even more ridiculous. Is this the dumbest thing he's ever said? Not likely.
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