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"NY, NJ Lawmakers Want Ammunition Sales Restricted"
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07/31/2012 8:02AM
NY, NJ Lawmakers Want Ammunition Sales Restricted
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07/31/2012 8:10AM
Here's the answer.
Don't change any gun laws. BUT change the pricing. Tax bullets to the point where they cost about a thousand dollars each.
07/31/2012 10:18AM
Typical dumb politician agenda
Banning the sale of bulk ammo is not going to deter anybody. I have not seen any crime committed by anybody that used 3000 rounds of ammo. North Hollywood shootout was an exception but no ban could not have prevented that. If people want to commit a mass murder, they don't need 1000 rounds. Also people blaming movies and games for this act is BS. So the movie loaded your drum magazine and cocked it too? I think not. All these bills and changes hurt the legit people like me who buy bulk 5.56 rounds for target shooting.
07/31/2012 1:33PM
An End Run Around Gun Control
If they can't supposedly control guns then they will control ammo. It's a way around the issue and they will claim it's not gun control. You can't shoot an empty gun...
07/31/2012 7:58PM
Well, I propose a ban on purchasing more than 100 cigaretes, 30 beers, 12 rolls of paper towels, 250 toothpicks, etc. Obviously anyone who is purchasing these large quantities to save money are up to no good!. Better yet force them to show photo ID to make these large purchases, and send it to the police.........REALLY.......Idiots can propose anything, we will not stand for it.
08/01/2012 6:11AM
lawmakers show true side
they have been quiet on the gun issue lately,but they were waiting for something like this shooting to push there true mission,ban guns and bullets.no bullets ,no need for the gun but a paper weight.vote freedom first this nov.!!
08/01/2012 6:14AM
Ahh Yes
It's the legal gun owners that are affected. Ammo plays no roll in shootings because it only takes 1 shot to kill. Arm everyone and the problem will go away. Those who are afraid of fire arms, cower in your corner you goofy Liberal. You are thenumber 1 problem this country has.
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