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"Chick-fil-A sets 1-day Sales Record Amid Gay Marriage Controversy"
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08/03/2012 9:11AM
Chick-fil-A sets 1-day Sales Record Amid Gay Marriage Controversy
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08/03/2012 10:17AM
The more people eat Chick f.a. sandwiches, the more people will eventually benefit from Obamacare.
08/03/2012 2:40PM
How dumb
It's truly amazing how ridiculous people can be. They're buying food at a fast food place to show their support for preventing consenting adults from getting married. The party of DUMB, at it again.
08/03/2012 3:04PM
Thank God there are still companies like Chik-Fil-A who are willing to stand up for the values of the vast majority of americans. Thank You Chic-Fil-A.
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