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"Corasanti Fined, Censured for DWI Conviction"
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08/06/2012 5:22PM
Corasanti Fined, Censured for DWI Conviction
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08/06/2012 9:31PM
Big Flippin Deal
The scumbag should be facing years in a State Prison. Not a little slap on the wrist like this. All this scumbag has lost is some money.
08/07/2012 9:20AM
Lock him up.
08/07/2012 11:00AM
Another slap on the wrist
08/07/2012 2:32PM
Heads Up Please
How did this turkey get in and out of town without any advance notice? Please remind us about the upcoming sentencing a couple of days before it actually happens.
08/08/2012 7:57AM
Way to much, all he did was run over and kill Alex, and leave the seen, and tried to cover it up, and waited forever to take a breath test,and hide the car, after all, now this will cut into marritini time, and it will problily bother his texting and driving...i mean after all he is a doctor.. isnt that up there with GOD? If it was the any of us, would we get this over zeloius sentence, and also why should he go to the sentencing, that's just about "t" time, i mean just send him his shame on you note in the mail.. or text it to him
08/08/2012 1:44PM
The Watcher
Slap on the wrist indeed.....$10,000 to this man is like a quarter to an average family....it was token and nothing more.....Look out for this Guy and keep your children off the streets.....the message sent was just say I did not see the mangled body flying from my car.....some witless, gullible jurors will believe it....they sucked daniels' Koolaid this time!
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