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"Schumer Calls on NFL to Amend Loan Program to Help Bills Future"
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08/08/2012 1:52PM
Schumer Calls on NFL to Amend Loan Program to Help Bills Future
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08/08/2012 4:40PM
No more corporate welfare handouts to millionaires
Instead, hold a telethon so any and all Bills fans can donate their bank accounts to keep Ralphie happy. Stop handing out taxpayer funding to a millionaire. This is nothing more than corporate welfare.
08/08/2012 11:48PM
You know NY State is broke when...
The senators start browbeating the NFL instead of just handing them our $. Am I to believe Mr. Goodell hasn't already thought of this? And anyway, the Ralph is fine the way it is. You don't have to remodel to justify raising the ticket prices again.
08/09/2012 7:43AM
Doesn't this guy have more important things to worry about than football? If not, we need somebody else as senator.
08/09/2012 9:36AM
You have no idea what you're talking about.
08/10/2012 12:34PM
Nanny Schumer
It's amazing, that idiot Schumer will stick his nose into everything. He believes he knows more about everything than anyone else. He's willing to spend our tax dollars on anything and to meddle in our lives in everything.
08/11/2012 12:41AM
I there is a conspiracy with Ralph and the NFL to move the Bills to Los Angeles. The NFL is losinng a lot of money in Tv revenue by not having a team there The state came to our rescue 12 years ago and put in 60 million into the stadium. What the HELL do they want to do now for 220 million. Except for the bench type seating I think the stadium is above NFL standards. I have been a season ticket holder for 40 years. I sat at the old Rock pile folr many years. Iff the Bills do move I will have a bond fire and burn all my Bills memorabillia including the four super bowls I went to. Many fans like me sat in -40 and -60 Wind chill factor. I alsso remember in the championship years when the game was on TV there were still 80,000 fans there. So why does the NFL want to move the Bills. Why don't you Move GREENBAY.Also why doess Mr. Wilson want all the tickets sold instead of 85% that was approve by the owners. He did that to PIS of the fans. Good Riddens Mr. Wilson and I hope you fall on your face in Los Angeles
08/11/2012 11:53AM
It's election year and the Democrats are about to lose there butts. This brings out all the rif-raf ,like Schumer to try to intise people to believe he really cares. BS!
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