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"Clarence Doctor Accused of Trading Goods for Prescriptions"
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08/10/2012 12:54PM
Clarence Doctor Accused of Trading Toilet Paper for Prescriptions
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08/12/2012 12:44PM
What now that their Dr. has been arrested?
The sad part, is that the patients who had legitimate reason for the meds.. had a difficult time getting him to write their prescriptions.. and they are now left with no primary care physician.. or their medical records.. from my understanding.. I wouldhave thought that you as a leading newspaper would have listed emergency numbers and information for the patients who need their prescriptions filled.
08/12/2012 7:45PM
I am a patient of Dr. Bennett's of a little over a year now. I have degenerative Disc Disease, that is extremely painful. I was prescribed Exalgo and Norco in order to have some quality of life at all. I also realized something was afoot when it was announced at his office in April that opiates would no longer be prescribed there as of 7/1/12. Anyone else who is forced to be on Medicaid due to their condition can attest as I do, finding a pain management facility is impossible. So while individuals like myself live with daily nerve pain, the medications that could help me, instead go to those who want only to sell them. I am incensed.
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