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"Why Are Gas Prices Rising?"
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08/10/2012 5:33PM
Why Are Gas Prices Rising?
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08/13/2012 7:53AM
Rising again?
It seems as though gas prices had fallen since their previous highs, but we didn't hear about that on WBEN for some odd reason.
08/13/2012 8:52AM
When you live in New Lib
What was forgotten and not mensioned was, the over amount of taxes in the price of gas to support all liberal obama/blumeburge programs in the state of New Liberal. Also i'm glad i dont smoke, 10$ for a pack of smokes(how much of that is New LIberal State taxes) and of course isnt WNY one of the highest taxed areas in the USA, and the 2nd poorest city(Buffalo) within it ( with a one of highest rate of unemployment) due to high taxes that part wasnt mensioned.... vote more dems in and their liberal socialist programs and watch gas and sales tax go up more, now im going to get a big gulp, no wait... im going to get a 16 oz of pop, im glad the dems tell me how to live.
08/13/2012 4:52PM
RE When you live in New Lib
Then move to a red state where the parasites live off the taxpayer.
08/13/2012 8:14PM
drop the taxes at the pump
They should do away with the taxes at the pump and make up for it by taxing the overly bloated profits of the oil industry.Nobody ever thinks of the high hidden taxes that a family earning $50,000(figure in school,property,sales tax,fuel highway tax income social security fica phone cable and utility taxes)puts you close to 50% tax rate and nothing left over to save because your just surviving.Where as some one earning billions in profit like oil companies pay less than 15% if any at all.I would rather see them pay more than me having to cover their taxes even if the price remains the same at the pump.
08/14/2012 3:19PM
WNY Gas prices
WNY Gas prices are always higher and no one has a real reason why.Government has been investigating for years with no answers.We just suck it up and pay.
08/15/2012 7:34AM
New Lib
The state of New Lib is parasite state, or havent you notice nyc, and buffalo... of course not... higest tax state, second poorest city...well done libs, well done
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