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"Inmate Attempts Suicide at Holding Center"
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08/13/2012 12:23PM
Inmate Attempts Suicide at Holding Center
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08/13/2012 2:38PM
no class, no respect.
Hope he suffers a long and agonizing life for attacking a retail employee at work. Scumbag.
08/14/2012 2:55AM
Mental Illness
Obviously the retail employees did not deserve to be harmed at work.But this person was suffering from a mental disability. And since he is in critical condition,a long and agonizing life is unlikely.Yet the long and agonizing careers of retail employeescontinue,in a no-compassion economy where the victims blame each other.
08/14/2012 10:49AM
Mental Illness
To no class, no respect: If it is any consolation to you, Edward Berezowski has had a long and agonizing life already.
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