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"Cuomo Hangs Up on Robocalls"
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08/14/2012 12:35PM
Cuomo Hangs Up on Robocalls
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08/14/2012 1:46PM
Psst...Cuomo's a Democrat
So let the whining begin.
08/14/2012 1:49PM
Are religious and political robo calls still exempt from the Law?
There is no mention of this in this story. Apparently, they can still freely harass you. I suggested Tom B. do a story on this a few months ago, but apparently it doesn't both him to get harassed by political and religious phone calls.
08/15/2012 7:54AM
Libs to left, lock step, lock step
Yet another business in the state of New Lib finds yet another block, I dont know, it seens that hanging up seemed to slove the problem around my house. Trully it isnt that hard, but the people who have something to sell, and if your intersested will now have, of course yet another road block. But of course if a liberal dem said its bad, well, then we need to lock step and jump onto what ever he/she said to do. I bet if the political calls were on election of obama or holcal or cuomo.. that would be... ok, or and of course any anti -christian message, that would just fine.
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