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"NY Thruway Toll Increase for Trucks Gets Hearing"
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08/14/2012 12:41PM
NY Thruway Toll Increase for Trucks Gets Hearing
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08/15/2012 6:02PM
come on now
Whats the problem of hicking up the tolls for trucks?After all, how much do they need to make? The drivers can give up some of their paychecks, and the owners dont need to make money.The 48% who dont pay into the system needs the income! I mean NYS cashcow doesnt want you to talk back, just pay the extra bucks, coumo and blumeburg are proude of the "great welfare ststem we have" "come to New york, the ones working here wil support you!"
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How are you feeling about the deal President-Elect Trump and his team struck to keep Carrier in Indiana?
  It's HUGE!
  It's a great deal but I'd like to know what was promised.
  Not a fan as the cost will outweigh the benefit.
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