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"Could Lawmakers See Pay Raise Soon?"
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08/14/2012 5:40PM
Could Lawmakers See Pay Raise Soon?
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08/15/2012 7:43PM
no problem
Just rasie taxes! Here in the state of New Lib the sky is the limit, ask any liberal, just add 10 cents to gas, 10 cents to smokes, an drink over 16 oz, that's worth 25 cents, we can charge a table salt charge at resturants, hell just charge 25 cent tax on salt at stores.Candy bars thats an easy 25 cents,if you have a bike, 100 dollars a year tax, because you didnt build the roads. A runners tax, (you didnt build the stores you buy them at) How about toll boths when enter and exit differnt countys! You can get 5 bucks per, plus tax 25 cent on top of that just for fun! The sky is the limit!
08/15/2012 11:41PM
Agree with Mr J. Vieland
He makes mention of "round of negotiations, where a pay hike will be tied to a package..." Hmmmmm, National elections around the corner? Haven't we heard this story before a million times. NO amendments, NO packages. Tell you what, want a pay raise? Those benefits you have, lets pay for the pay hike with a give back in those benefits.
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