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"VIDEO: Biden's \"put you all back in chains\" Remark Draws Fire"
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08/15/2012 5:11AM
VIDEO: Biden's "put you all back in chains" Remark Draws Fire
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08/15/2012 1:19PM
Two things.
First, in spite of all the whining you're hearing on your radio, Biden was absolutely correct about the need to regulate Wall Street criminality. Second, birthers can just make with shutting their lying ignorant pie holes right this very moment.
08/15/2012 4:25PM
Biden Comments
What Joey doesn't seem to want to tell you, is that the Democrats under Bill Clinton really got us where we are today. Remember High Risk mortgages. Remember making it MANDATORY to give people of low credit worthiness mortgages. The Republicans did some stupid things but not the underhanded give them mortgages or ELSE!
08/15/2012 4:28PM
Two things
You know "Two Things," the Messiah can put an end to all of this "BIRTHER" stuff by simple unlocking access to his College Records. But you must be well aware that if he does so he will be driven from office and sent to jail. PROVE ME WRONG!!!!
08/15/2012 5:54PM
One Thing
You are an idiot. If you had a brain you would realize this administration is giving this once GREAT country a death warrant.
08/15/2012 8:43PM
Of Course
A Liberal opened his mouth and his hate filled lying lock step lines of garbage come spuilling out, and the leftest say" it's ok , we can say anything we like, at anytime we like , truth doesnt matter to us on the left, we make it up when ever we want"
08/18/2012 3:10PM
Comment here / Comment there
It doesn't matter how many comments are made/said. Until the people stand up for their rights against the government and kick them all out, we are all headed on the track of being a communism run Country.
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