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"Judge Won't Halt Pa. Voter Identification Law"
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08/15/2012 2:40PM
Judge Won't Halt Pa. Voter Identification Law
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08/15/2012 5:10PM
Never Happen
Of course it won't happen here. It would be fair, and we can't have that.
08/15/2012 8:05PM
I cant believe that a state will ask for ID. I mean come on,i dont think we should have to have to prove who we are for drivers license, or libary cards, or employment. Why should I have to prove who i am, just take me at my word, thats good enough.All this law is about is stoping people who are not allowed to vote from voting, how evil can you get! What happens if a person doesnt get a ID, its not like stores will stop you from buying beer or cigeretts, or what happenss when a person doesnt have ID will the DMV stop them from getting a license, of course not, its all good. Why should I have to prove who I am to get on a jet, to fly to another state, just take me at my word, same thing for voting, its not like I would register 78 times in ohio, that would never happen
08/15/2012 10:26PM
Typical GOP approach:
Can't win on the issues, so try and win by stopping people from voting who don't support their candidate. In the past they've even had robo-calls misinforming people about which days to show up and vote. Absolutely shameless.
08/16/2012 12:47PM
Good for PA
Lets get real. If you want to vote prove who you are. I do it in NYS.
08/17/2012 1:40PM
ID Required
Come on the no ID available is a ridiculous argument. Don't the elderly, or less fortunates out there have to obtain IDs to receive medicare, medicaid or other benefits? Let's call it what it is... an intelligent means to help fight voter fraud. If you can't manage to obtain a form of legitimate ID you probably should'nt be voting in the first place.
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