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"DiNapoli Questions Basis for Thruway Toll Hike"
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08/15/2012 6:46PM
DiNapoli Questions Basis for Thruway Toll Hike
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08/15/2012 8:33PM
Whats the problem?
It's not like that its overlly expensive to run a business in New Lib, I mean were only hiking the tolls by 45%. If a truck is spending 30 dollars to cross New Lib, he/she will now spend 43.50. I dont see a problem , as a matter of a fact, I think we all should pay that, it's for a good cause, all the liberal programs of the great state of New Lib. The lock step Liberals can brag about the great primium welfare system thats offered here and all should come here to live. So let the 52% pay these tolls and taxes. We can have the plesure of working extra for the 48%who dont ay into the system.
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