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"VIDEO: Documentary Challenges Obama's Bin Laden Role, Charges Admin. Leaks"
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08/16/2012 8:37AM
VIDEO: Documentary Challenges Obama's Bin Laden Role, Charges Admin. Leaks
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08/16/2012 2:29PM
Obama was way out of line going on that aircraft carrier in a flightsuit declaring "Mission Accomplished". He deserves scorn for a stunt like that.
08/17/2012 6:39AM
Lock step, lock step
Never mind obama is taking credit for "killing bin laden" (something the navy seals did), lets focus on President G.W. Bush did.It's shameful that we focus on 45 months of the highest unemployment( dont worry about the people who cant claim anymore because they have been out of work so long so they are not counted on the unemployment rolls anymore which of course is the real numbers) bad econime.lack of growth,( lack of drilling killing that employment market alone) law suits stoping states from protecting their borders, ( which the federal goverment has been directed not to do, and they dont so illegal invaders can come and go as tey want and of course bring in their foreign products ie. drugs), lets re focus on Presdent Bush, and make up things as we go...thats the progressive way of doing things!
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