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"Erie, Chautauqua, 8 Other Counties Told to Accommodate Bilingual Voters"
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08/20/2012 6:25PM
Erie, Chautauqua, 8 Other Counties Told to Accommodate Bilingual Voters
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08/21/2012 9:36AM
How can we disenfranchise them?
They're liable to vote against Our Great Republicans -- we need to do something to suppress their vote, the way the Great Americans are trying to do in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. We can't let the will of the people decide the election or we'll lose. Party over country! Mega Dittos!
08/21/2012 10:55AM
What is next learn English my parents did
Voting forms in aribic Why are they not in brialle or large print I believe an ID should be seen when voting.
08/21/2012 11:05AM
spanish translators and voting
If you can't speak English, perhaps you should not be voting, I am sick and tired of spending my tax dollars on people that do not want to adapt to our country but want us to "embrace" their culture. America is a melting pot, blend inor go home. If your place of origin is so wonderful, why did you leave? And if you thought America was the place you wanted to live, live by our laws, our language, and our culture.
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