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As we look at powerful women globally and locally, do you think Buffalo's power base is an "old boys club"?
( 70% )
( 30% )
"Women Still Have Glass Ceiling to Deal with in WNY"
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08/22/2012 6:34PM
Women Still Have Glass Ceiling to Deal with in WNY
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08/23/2012 3:04PM
Maestro Falletta has my vote!
Not many women can say that with a simple gesture they have 100 people following her directions without a word and entire audiences captured with the emotion and beauty of the music she shares! She has my vote!
08/23/2012 3:08PM
My Wife!
My Wife is the most POWERFUL WOMAN in WNY!
08/23/2012 9:03PM
Most powerful women?
hands down... Donna Fernandes
08/24/2012 9:56AM
With experience in the Military and Civilian production jobs, I have to ask, "Why do Women feel they SHOULD be paid equally with Men when they DON'T do the work equally"? Most, and I said most, won't lift a finger to help when PHYSICAL work is required. "Leave it for the MEN". "I'm not doing it, let a man do it." I hear it ALL the time. If women simply cannot physically work alongside men, they shouldn't be there, let alone expect equal pay.
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