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"How Could Akin Impact Women's Vote?"
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08/23/2012 6:07PM
How Could Akin Impact Women's Vote?
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08/24/2012 8:07AM
Shouldn't have much impact.
The GOP demonstrated its outright hostility to women months ago. Why would this make a difference at this point: any women stupid enough to vote for Republicans then are probably still not too bright and will still vote against their own interests. Not to exclude men of course; men who vote GOP are morons also too.
08/24/2012 8:13AM
David Letterman observes:
The fact that Hurricane Isaac is headed toward Tampa is proof that God is a woman. Don't forget that Hurricane Gustav went after the GOP convention in 2008, and two years prior when Karl Rove came to Buffalo we were hit with the October storm. Coincidence or smite? God is paying attention to what you people are saying and doing and She's not happy about it.
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