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"Falletta, Hochul Lead Survey on WNY's Most Powerful Woman"
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08/24/2012 6:54AM
Falletta, Hochul Lead Survey on WNY's Most Powerful Woman
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08/24/2012 8:15AM
Falletta ?????
Falletta is no where near as powerful as Supt Brown, or Cong. Hochul. Even if you disagree with these two women, their position makes them far more likely to have some effect on your life for good or ill, far more so than any honorable, decent and competent musician, no matter how involved she is in the community.
08/24/2012 11:21PM
Most powerful woman - should affect people's lives & make a difference!
When the Philharmonic wins as most powerful in the community. We are fidoling while Rome burns! Guess I see who has time to answer these polls, not the working men & women; nor parents with kids, nor community activist trying to make the world better or feed hungry children.
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