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"Getting to the Heart of a Child Homicide"
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08/28/2012 6:26PM
Getting to the Heart of a Child Homicide
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08/29/2012 9:37AM
Who Care's
A little child is dead at the hands of a 16 year old for no good reason,(there is nothing she could have done that would have been "a god reason" she wont go to kindergarden, she wont go on picnic's or walk a puppy or kitten. She wont watch a movie with mom or dad. Who cares why he did it, if it is proven he did it, end his life like he did hers... hang him
08/29/2012 10:27AM
no reasonable answer
I don't truthfully think there is a reasonable answer for this horrible crime. Not only was the poor child killed but her body was put in a trash can. The killer deserves no mercy and to be in general population for some torment by other inmates. The only other justice would be to find the guy hanging in his cell.....
08/29/2012 11:57AM
Future resolution...
It may not cure the pain felt by the family now; that poor child is gone forever. The benefit of figuring out why this troubled teenager committed this horrible act will help law enforcement officials figure out these types of cases in the future...(Ones that aren't as easy to solve). This knowledge may also tip off friends/relatives BEFORE these crimes are committed.
08/29/2012 4:01PM
we have enough knowledge
Although I agree that studying these sick individuals will help understand and hopefully capture future attackers, we have studied them for years, it is time to begin executing these individuals as they will never again be able to function in our societyagain. The greatest instinct we have as humans is to preserve our lives, there has never been a greater deterent than death! Eliminate them and they will never be able to hurt another child.
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