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"Pegula's Downtown Rink Gets City Approval"
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08/29/2012 11:56AM
Pegula's Downtown Rink Gets City Approval
Would this bring you downtown?
08/29/2012 2:34PM
Great Plan, No P.L.A.
Very Exciting integration of Multi-Use Urban Space: Recreational,Retail,Hospitality / Entertainment. This Plan has just about everything covered in about two square blocks.Congratualtions to Terry Pegual and his group for a great design. Now let's go ahead and Build it without a P.L.A.
08/29/2012 8:35PM
I cant wait.
Not only does Pegula bring hope to our team but now hes bringing hope to our citys future. This opens up the Downtown area for so much more tourist opportunity. Tournaments and other types of competitions will want to come here to compete and not just shun us any more....
08/29/2012 10:31PM
rink approval
YES!!!! Another ( )
08/29/2012 10:58PM
Pegula's plan
OMG YES! I loved Pegula's plan from the outset....It will absolutely compliment the FN Center perfectly. I can not wait to be one of the first on that ice rink!
08/30/2012 4:41PM
Arizona's Westgate Center
I am currently living in Arizona and this reminds me of a smaller version of Phoenix area's Westgate Center. It is a very fun, one stop destination to eat, drink, shop and watch sports. Next step would be to build a dome on the water and move the Bills there. It also compares to being better than Philadelphia's current sports area.
08/31/2012 2:03PM
We certainly did not need any more office space
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