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As the Democratic convention opens, do you think you are better off than you were four years ago?
( 11% )
( 89% )
"Democratic National Convention Underway in Charlotte NC"
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09/04/2012 7:27AM
Democratic National Convention Covenes
Who they spotlight, who speaks, says a lot about the convention's message. What do you think of this schedule?
09/04/2012 7:44AM
DNC Needs a better agenda
16 trillion in debt, no jobs, gas and food prices going through the roof and the Dems are pushing gay rights and abortions?...Give me a break!! Get with it!!
09/04/2012 7:56AM
With all the problems in the south, people without water, food , electricity, homes, flooded out. The dem liberals are going to have a giant drunk party. If these people were caring at all they would for go their "party" go help all in need from the huricane instead of spulling their hate filled lying lock step rederick.Is cbs, nbc,msn, going to cover the people who are in need, or enjoy a serious party....shameful
09/04/2012 3:41PM
To Shameful:
Um, I'm pretty sure your precious Repub's HAD their convention party while people were being flooded out of their homes. Get your head out of your rear end.
09/04/2012 3:46PM
Much to tout
The economy is growing slowly rather than in total freefall as it was 4yrs ago, Osama is dead and W's wars are coming to an end with honor rather than dragging on and costing more than the bailout. Just b/c Romney and his rich pals dont think we are better off with them paying their fair share does not mean we, the people, are.
09/05/2012 3:11PM
Obama's History
It would be much more revealing if they just unsealed his college and pre Presidential writings, and we can then see who this "wolf" in sheep's clothing is!
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