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"What Can We Expect Between Now and November?"
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09/06/2012 5:53PM
What Can We Expect Between Now and November?
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09/07/2012 6:51AM
You Can Expext
That the left will lie and run on attack adds saying" mitt wants to go back" but dont say, back to when unemployment is way below 7 percent not a ture 12-14persent( including the people who have beeen layed of so long that they ran out of unemployment insurance and are not counted by the caring left) they just say when the deficet was high , but i guess 5-6 trillion obama has added is.....ok. They'll say "obama wants to build from the middle class out" i guess by giving the biggest tax increase ever" (congradulations dem liberals)via obama care( see the court desision on "its a tax") yes we need four more years, maybe this "jimmy carter" presedent can run unemployment up to 18 percent, and the deficet to a great new record(beating his last one) to 10 trilion, or more ! Also maybe tell states on the northern boarder it's illegal to protect it's boarders also, also maybe texas too! :) They will also say take from the one percent, ( the ones who's investments make the employment" not the 48 percent who arent paying into the system, the ones on food stamps and what not,,, the dem liberals sitting and occupying , not looking for a job. Yes you'll see the dems attack ( not on the isssues) but on whatever can come from their left wing lock step hate filled un-caring lies of the last 4 years.. thats the same old same old shameful way they do things.
09/07/2012 8:21AM
What Can We Expect?
Lies and racism from the GOP and a whole lot of insults to your intelligence from the tools on FoxNews and hate radio. You can count on it.
09/07/2012 4:03PM
I'm Expecting...
An all-out attempt by the moneymen controlling the GOP to discredit Obama will fail when the Dems begin using quotes from the Repub primary to show what a total mistake and failure of a nominee Romney is and how his own party knows it.
09/07/2012 4:05PM
I bet
At some point Romney will disclose his tax returns and we all will get confirmation that he is offshoring 90% of his income rather than paying his taxes like the rest of us.
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