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"Trader Joe's Coming to WNY"
Is Not Available At This Time.
09/10/2012 11:18AM
Trader Joe's Coming to WNY
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09/10/2012 2:32PM
OH My God! Really???
If this is true I am one happy woman! Please tell me it is true, Kenmore or anywhere within 50 miles would be most excellent! Fell in love with Trader Joe's while in California and have made stops in Cleveland on the way to Nashville to visit family. Doing a tentative happy dance here in Kenmore!
09/10/2012 2:40PM
Although I'd like to have one nearby...
I'm wondering what the traffic will be like if it was on Delaware (assuming that's where Kenmore originally thought they'd be getting one). Rush hour through the village is busy enough as it is.
09/10/2012 5:06PM
Trader Joes
Needs to be DOWNTOWN near the Lofts at 136 and the medical corridor where everybody is now moving too
09/10/2012 6:58PM
Where Else?
Would Love them in the Southtowns (EastAurora) We need different options
09/11/2012 7:33AM
09/11/2012 11:01AM
let's all pretend...
that there's some huge difference between the northtowns, southtowns, and downtown. come'on people... let's be in this together!! ANYWHERE is awesome! no negativity about TJs allowed
09/11/2012 12:02PM
Yeah Sure
Another WNY pipe dream. They should put it next to Bass Pro or possibly the new signature Peace Bridge. Dream on.
09/12/2012 4:17PM
Coming to WNY, not Kenmore
Trader Joe's is coming to WNY but Kenmore is not the location. The Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS) was told that the store scheduled opening is in the 4th quarter of next year.
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