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"Poloncarz: Work on Temporary Lease Underway"
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09/12/2012 1:07PM
Poloncarz: Work on Temporary Lease Underway
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09/12/2012 3:08PM
He's not getting any younger.
I am more worried more about Ralph Wilson's health than I am about last Sunday's game. All the parties need to get together and hammer out a lease agreement that will at least attempt to keep the team here for the foreseeable future. If Mr. Wilson passes before this is done, I can't see lease negotiations not being put on hold. There should be a greater sense of urgency on the part of Erie County and New York State.
09/13/2012 12:31PM
Just send your mom
Poloncarz got his brother a 50,000 plus a year job.. (of course the buffalo lib didnt report on that), have him send his mother for 75,000 a year to get it done.Erie county can not afford the Bills, they want too much money for the sad team at best that they are Is the money they earn for themselfs, worth the price that we pay, highest taxes(thank you libs)highest unemployment (thank you again over taxing libs)and the Bills want us to be taxed 100,000,000 dollars to fix up their stadium, really,wheres all the 99% now, why arent they protesting Mr. Wilson making a profit, how and why do we want to be taxed a great amount for something we wont get back for such a terrible team? Ralph Wilson dumped a lot of money into these people, and what did he get in return from them.. a... nothing Go bills, and take the sabres with you.
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