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"Higgins Calls for Action on Dillon Courthouse Reuse"
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09/17/2012 4:25PM
Higgins Calls for Action on Dillon Courthouse Reuse
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09/17/2012 5:08PM
i need to show ya im doin something
come on come on hurry he hasn't cut a ribbon in a long time
09/18/2012 11:30AM
Higgins shoots down Health Care
In the same statements made about how the Fed Gov Court house. Replace court house with Obamacare. He described the Fed Govt as a maze of beuracracy and not responsive efficient. That is not how he described Obamacare. Oh wait, he is exempt from Obamacare as being a elected official. Its we surfs that are subjected to the joys of Obamacare.
09/18/2012 3:16PM
guitar hero
ask him to play guitar and sing you a sad song
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