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"Romney offers no apologies for \"victims\" remarks"
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09/18/2012 9:27AM
Romney offers no apologies for "victims" remarks
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09/18/2012 11:50AM
Actions speak louder than words
Hasn't the President written off half the nation by his speech telling entrepreneurs they didn't do it alone???? I am worse off now than 4 years ago Mr. President and the reason is the 47% of Americans who steal my paycheck and you let them!!!!! Romney was speaking the truth and should not apologize!
09/18/2012 12:07PM
So I am an Independent voter. Probably not who Romney is looking at for a vote as I live in New York City Land. I actually use to subscribe to mother Jones. And I can tell you sometimes they would have really good articles. But as a whole it was a waste.Obama more and more reminds me of President Johnson during the Vietnam war, weak and useless. I am still not sure how I feel about Romney, but I do like that he seems to have a backbone. And that is what we need right now.
09/18/2012 3:11PM
Really? You guys are just spitting out Obama campaign propaganda
Get a clue, people in the newsroom, or at least develop some critical thinking skill(s). You are just, willfully, forwarding the Obama campaign's narrative. Don't you listen to the shows on your station? There is nothing to this story...nothing except that it detracts from what would normally be REAL news. There is so much REAL news that the "news" organizations are's pathetic. This is lazy work, and definitely not "journalism". It's easy to regurgitate the garbage fed from the national outlets, it's apparently too difficult (or dangerous) to break from that mold and be original and factual, not to mention honorable. Cowards.
09/18/2012 3:17PM
Funny on so many levels
Romney is playing class warfare while his stooges accuse Obama of doing so. Romney is whining about people who don't pay taxes while at the same time refuses to come clean about his own record. His dutiful media is trying to convince themselves that the mean libruls took him out of context while clinging to the "didn't build that" canard which is WILLFULLY taken out of context by an entire, disintegrating, political party. Good luck WBEN propping up this flop. Worse than Dukakis. Worse than Palin.
09/18/2012 4:22PM
Romney !,
Sick and tired of the media's spin on everything that the Rep's say and do..Romney was basically saying why bother with their vote when it's obvious that those on the dole want Obama. I recall Obama writing off working class whites ....wonder why? Romney did nothing wrong. Of course the other spin is that he addressed wealthy investors....guess what , they have money. Just like when Obama is at fundraisers with his Hollywood friends....Rather have a candidate rubbing elbows with the movers and shakers rather than Hollywood elitists...
09/18/2012 6:47PM
He insulted seniors.
He also insulted high percentages of Red State residents. At least the seniors will be smart enough to catch on.
09/19/2012 7:41AM
Mitt be a real man, open your mouth more about truth
the world is on fire going to hell and this is what people are talking about?????50million on foodstamps, Romney is right,now get back to whats going on.Whats coming here! warn the people,tell them the truth about the uprising. Obama will(like he is RIGHT now) take monies away from the truly disabled, moms and children that are going through proper procedures. to give to fraudsters in stead of banning the fraudters from collecting benifits
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