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"North Collins Highway Superintendent Charged with Vandalizing Car"
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09/18/2012 3:44PM
North Collins Highway Superintendent Charged with Vandalizing Car
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09/18/2012 5:07PM
This Is Not David Winter's Only Problem
There are a great many people in the North Collins area following this story with interest as David Winter is notorious for doing incredibly foolish, immature things and usually getting away with them. This latest manure incident was meant to be an act of vengeance towards the man his ex-girlfriend is dating. He was driving the town's vehicle at the time and the whole thing was recorded on the surveillance camera at the lumber store. He has caused immeasurable damage to the town in many ways - most notably the Rocky Mountain lawsuit that is ongoing. If you are not familiar, he dumped 10,000 cubic yards of road fill on private property without permission, and when the owner tried to put a stop to it, he lied to police that he had made sure it was town property and had her arrested. The town will now be on the hook for whatever settlement / award comes of it. Other offenses include hiring his own son to work on the highway crew, a drunken argument that ended up with him urinating on a police car, and other similar behavior. Oddly enough, even after he lost in the primary elections, and it was widely known that the voters' sentiment was heavily against him, he was able to win the general election in the very last hours before the polls closed. If any one knows of a way to investigate that election, it would probably yield information that would make these charges look like child's play by comparison.
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