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Flights Canceled; Northeast Blizzard Downgraded

Tens of millions of people along the East Coast hunkered down for a storm that for most failed to live up to predictions that it would be one of the worst they'd ever seen.
Airline travelers are going nowhere fast. More than 7,700 flights in and out of the Northeast were canceled Monday and Tuesday.   Most major U.S. carriers said they would allow passengers ticketed to, from or through the Northeast on Monday or Tuesday to change their plans without getting hit by a reservation-change fee, typically $200.
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The New York State Thruway Authority is restricting all tractor-trailers on Interstate 87 between Newburgh and the New York City Line.    COMPLETE COVERAGE

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  Overkill! Closings, and bans should happen on a need-be basis.
  Appropriate. Better safe than sorry!
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