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ELECTIONS NIGHT: Trump Rises, Cruz Leaves; Paladino Falls?

AP Photo Cruz Bows Out After Trump Takes Indiana; Sanders Beats Clinton
Once dismissed as a fringe contender, businessman Donald Trump now is all but certain to lead the Republican Party into the fall presidential campaign against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton    Trump Wins | Cruz Out | Sanders Victorious 
  Paladino Wins But..
his reform bloc is now in the minority with Sampson, McCarthy ouster.   RESULTS READ MORE
On Air Wednesday Morning:    Discussion and Analysis of both races on Buffalo's Early News. Hear from ABC's Jim Ryan & Brad Mielke in Indiana, SUNY Buffalo State's Bruce Bryski, School Bd. Member Larry Quinn  and Erie County Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr.

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With Donald Trump now the 'presumptive' nominee, does the GOP have the early momentum in the general election race?
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Buffalo's Early News with John Zach and Susan Rose
NewsRadio930: New CNN/ORC Poll, completed ahead of Donald Trump's victory last night, found Hillary Clinton leads 54% to 41%
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