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COMPLETE COVERAGE : Democratic National Convention

 Michelle Obama,  Elizabeth Warren &  Bernie Sanders spoke Monday    READ MORE
LISTEN:  In Depth with  SUNY Buffalo State's Dr. Bruce Bryski . On The Liveline:  ABC's Aaron Katersky,  Buffalo for Bernie's Brian NowakErie Dems. Chair Jeremy Zellner and more inside
 Speeches From: Michelle Obama | Elizabeth Warren | Bernie Sanders
LIVE Wall to Wall Coverage from ABC News begins on-air tonight 7 pm

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Do you think the recent water main breaks and reaction to them is exposing corruption and patronage within the Erie County Water Authority?
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Tom Bauerle
Tom Bauerle
NewsRadio930: The roll call is about to begin at #DemsInPhilly. @HillaryClinton expected to win nomination over @BernieSanders.
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