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"WBEN Extra: Should the Skyway Come Down?"
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09/24/2012 5:42PM
DOT, Challenger Respond to Higgins' Skyway Removal Call
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09/25/2012 6:11AM
Knock it down!
The skyway needs to come down. Totally agree with Higgins that it is folly to spend $100 mil to maintain this eyesore for the next 20 years. This should be a local issue as it effects US. Why do we have to beg the DOT on this - it should be put to a local vote. Concrete, bridge and road construction firms will fight to keep it around I'll bet. The waterfront is our best asset and we need to open it and transform it into publicly accessible parks and green-space.
09/25/2012 9:14AM
I totally agree with Mr. Higgins. It is time to knock it down the waterfront is just starting to get some life into it. Why would you want to keep such an eyesore up. The problem with this is nobody likes change unless it benefits them( politicians). This is the first politician who actually cares about our waterfront and wants it to be all it can be!
09/25/2012 9:44AM
WBEN listeners poll
At the moment, 35 percent of your Limbaugh believers want to keep the skyway. Either they advocate more wasteful government spending, or they're conditioned by some tribal mindset to automatically oppose anything any Democrat suggests. Maybe theylove the skyway's aesthetics and utility.
09/25/2012 10:12AM
"Tear down this Sky(way) WALL Mr. NYSDOT!"
"Tear down this Sky(way) WALL!" Mr. NYSDOT!" Besides being "a Pig in a Poke," the idea to throw/invest good money on a bad stock/maintaining the SKYWAY is a dumb vs SMART decision. Higgins letter is right on the money! Buffalo is long overdue for Smart Growth, development and, land use. I recall in the 50's when my family traveled to Lackawanna we used the bridge (Michigan St.?) near the Cheerio's plant and smelled the aroma of Cherrios baking as we rode by the plant. After the SKYWAY went up and right from the very beginning, traveling along & above the SKYWAY never seemed right; we were now disconnected from this travel route of neighborhood, the viewing of the boats along the waterfront road. WNY needs a return for more advocates of sound land use planning & zoning. SEE: the chronology / legacy of this example in the work done by" The Chauncy Hamlin 8 of yesteryear.
09/25/2012 12:20PM
Beautiful Drive
I live in Orchard Park and use the skyway to go downtown. It is just about the most beautiful urban entranceway imaginable for Buffalo. The view of Lake Erie and the Buffalo River along with the only possible aerial tour of the historic grain elevators is priceless. I am a strong fiscal conservative, and any bridge requires upkeep over the long term, right? If the reason for replacing the bridge with a shorter, wider span (Buffalo Harbor Bridge) is purely to save taxpayer dollars, then I think it's worth pursuing(and those of us that believe the skyway is a beautiful ride will have to suck it up). If the reason is to try and convince voters that the outer harbor will suddenly get an inflow of PRIVATE investment because a bridge is 30 feet wider and 70 feet shorter, then it's not worth it. This public debate about it is great though!
09/25/2012 1:56PM
Why now?
After just spending millions on a part of the Father Baker/Skyway complex do they now propose removing this portion? Shouldn't this have been part of a proposal for the complete renovation of this stretch of highway? Seems like they're a bit lacking when it comes to vision or real needs of the area. Then again, this IS western NY were stupid ideas flourish and good ideas come to die.
09/25/2012 2:24PM
To: WBEN listeners poll
Shows how little you know.... If this is a proposal that is going to be good for the community and create growth, ease access and be safer; no reasonable person would oppose it! Including Limbaugh listeners! It's narrow minded propaganda puppets as yourself that like to label others, all the while portraying yourself as the example of intelligence and tolerance -- get over yourself and you ignorant ideology! If this bridge is in need of replacement, which it likely should be due to its construction, then let's do the work to determine what will be the best solution at the most reasonable cost to taxpayers. Let's not portray it as some godsend that it going to be solely responsible for saving anything, like the city -- we heard that with the metrorail and what were the results of that? Let's just do what needs to be done -- and done correctly (think of the continually settling Father Baker sections). If it's a safety issue, and going to promote better access to and from the city, then let's figure out what's needed and get it done.
09/25/2012 10:57PM
Higgins trying to get attention
You can tell the election is drawing closer when Brian Higgins begins talking about the "straw dog" that is tearing down the Skyway and things of that ilk. Now, perhaps the Skyway does need to be removed someday, as long as the replacement moves traffic as expeditiously as the previous expanse. However, doesn't this fall under the purview of representatives to NYS government and not the Congress? Certainly as a citizen of Erie County he should have an opinion on this, but, the office he occupies holds sway over much grander issues than the local ones Higgins champions. And there is the rub. If voters were to examine his voting record on the "big" issues (excepting firearms) they may be less than impressed. Instead all people think of is "He's championing the waterfront". Well, he doesn't really have much to do with the waterfront. Right now, wouldn't it be cool if there was a gigantic Bass Pro where the crater that used to be the Aud is? That will never happen thanks in no small part to Higgins opening up this yap about that whole situation. Luckily for me, thanks to the recent redistricting, my vote for Congress won't be a wasted one as it has been in the past.
09/26/2012 1:28PM
Skyway = Peace Bridge
Why not just "study" the choices for 40 years like we are doing with the peace bridge. Western New York deserves better leadership than the last 50 years of democratic rule and screwy ideas perpetuated by locked in place demagogues
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